Graduate Student Organization - Computer Science

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We follow an absolute transparency policy. Every cent spent will be document online through this page
Date Item AmountDescription
9/25/2019 Soda, Disposable Plates from Sam's Club 56.63 Used for various CS events
9/27/2019 Rossi's Pizza 117.48 CS Department Seminar
9/27/2019 Wegman's Platters 34.98 CS Department Seminar
10/02/2019 Wegman's Subs 42.00 e-board meeting
10/04/2019 Nirchis Pizza - Vestal 103.4 CS Department Seminar
10/04/2019 Wegman's Platters + 2-Apple Ciders 47.96 CS Department Seminar
10/11/2019 Domino's Pizza 95.88 Pizza Friday - Introducing GSOCS
10/11/2019 Fruit Platters and Apple Ciders 67.95 Pizza Friday - Introducing GSOCS