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Globe Trotters

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Basketball Harlem Globe Trotters Event Details Globetrotters Website:
  1. The event will be at the Veteran's Memorial Arena, in Downtown Binghamton
  2. We will take the blue bus by meeting in the Watson Commons @ 6pm.
  3. The event starts at 7pm.
  4. Tickets are FREE
  5. Date: Tuesday, February 24th, 7pm.
  6. Signup Limit: 13
Summary about the Globe Trotters:

The globe trotters are a travelling stunt/trick basketball team that puts on a fun show of entertainment with a number of different basketball players. This is a "show". (We are not going to play basketball). It's like going to a basketball game, except it is not an official NBA team: it is a group of professional basketball players that puts on different tricks and stunts for an hour or so and it is a lot of fun to watch.

SIGNUP HERE: (Limit 13 people)   Deadline: Midnight, Sunday, Feb. 22nd
  1. Michael R. Hines
  2. Yan Zhou
  3. Yu Jiang
  4. Xian Li
  5. Don J. Slogar
  6. Jian Wang
  7. Linyi Yao
  8. Guan Wang
Way to sign up:
  1. Sign in with your PODS *or* CS account
  2. And add your name on the list by using "edit". Note: these are free tickets, so if you signup then you must guarantee that you are going to attend. Lack of attendence will give priority to other students during future events.
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