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Minutes from 02/13/09 - GSOCS

Minutes from 02/13/09

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Minutes from February 13th, 2009

There were roughly 34 people present at the meeting

Approximately 25% of people present are part of the GSEU (TAs or GAs)

Speaker From GSEU

  • Utku Balaban introduced himself and the purpose of the GSEU.
  • Contact him at utkubalaban.gseu@gmail.com or 607-372-8063 with any questions or issues you think the GSEU should know about.
  • Any TA or GA should speak with him if he/she feels that the department is taking unfair advantage of the student, either by not paying enough according to the minimum wage stated in the contract, or some other grievance.
  • The contract was last negotiated in 2005 and he is working for a new one with a higher minimum wage.
  • The problem with getting a better negotiating stance is that we are transient in the eyes of the state and easy to ignore.
  • Utku would like more of us to get involved and come down to the GSEU meetings (also on the same Fridays as ours).
  • RAs are not currently organized in a union. At SUNY Stonybrook they are, but we need a lot more effort to get one established here (if the students want one to be).
  • The GSEU is trying to separate from the parent union that also involves 2 other groups of people - this is to allow the union to better concentrate on the graduate students.

Speaker from the parent GSO

  • GSO vice-president Chen Ge was on hand to explain the funding structure of the GSO, the GSEU, and the GSOCS.
  • We all have to pay an activity fee each semester, but that money is for student programs.
  • The only way to get that money is to ask for it through the GSO or one of the suborganizations such as the GSOCS.
  • You should get involved in one (or more) of the organizations to control where this money goes.
  • Elections for the GSO are underway now. Nominations are due soon.
  • Wants to know how we can improve communications between engineering students and the GSO as we have a very small voice on the current GSO yet host so many of the graduate students which the GSO represents.

Internal News

  • Elections for the GSOCS will begin shortly, think about running!
  • The concert event is taking place on Saturday the 14th of February. Make sure you have your tickets.
  • Purchased coffee supplies - see budget for details.
  • Discussed creation of our own formal and specific constitution because it is apparent that the executive board members to more/different jobs than what are specified in the GSO constitution which we currently say we follow.
  • We would like to officially welcom Michael Head to the GSOCS eboard as the 5th Officer, Shailendra stepped down due to schedule issues this semester.
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