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Minutes from 10/06/08 - GSOCS

Minutes from 10/06/08

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Main Issues:

  • Who the GSOCS is and what is our goal.
  • Everyone should join the mailing list to keep in contact.

Spending Ideas:

  • Coffee Machine (handled by the department)
  • Regular dinner events, perhaps once every two weeks
  • Organize trips to local companies
  • Organize fun trips to places (Six Flags?)
  • Game nights such as bowling, pool, etc. like what Latenite Binghamton used to provide

Issues to Address to the GSO:

  • OCC Buses and allowing the Graduate Students to have more influence on their management
  • Getaway bus trips should be open to Grad. Students or have some number of reserved seats
  • International Student Festival proposed to be managed by the GSO
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