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Minutes from 10/13/08 - GSOCS

Minutes from 10/13/08

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Minutes from the E-Board Meeting on 10/13/08

  • The Constitution of the GSO-CS:

We will follow the guidelines set in the parent GSO constitution. If at some later point the constitution becomes unacceptable for this group we will at that point draft a revision.

  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Officers:

Each officer will abide by the rights and responsibilities of his/her position as they are enumerated in the constitution. All members of the e-board will make efforts to attend as many regular GSO meetings as possible to stay informed of the concerns of graduate students across the campus and how they relate to the CS students we work for. The specific duties and responsibilities of the Secretary and Senator(s) are not clearly detailed in the constitution and so are listed here:


  1. Responsible for keeping lines of communication open between members of the e-board themselves and between members of the group as a whole
  2. Announcing meetings both internal to the e-board and to the entire GSO-CS
  3. Keeping a detailed record of the happenings of all meetings and making them available to the members of the GSO-CS


  1. Responsible for attending meetings of the regular GSO as well as the GSO-CS
  2. Present issues that are important to our members to the GSO and vice-versa
  • Internal E-board Communication Deadlines

From the time when a decision is requested by one of the members of the E-board on an issue, each of the members of the board have 72 hours to voice their decision on the e-board listserv. This period of time allows the board members to consult with the larger body of CS graduate students should the need arise. Abstentions must also be announced to the listserv. If a board member is going to be out of contact for any period of time where they may not be able to cast a vote then the rest of the board should be notified via the e-board listserv.

  • Regular E-board Meetings

E-board meetings will be held after the GSO-CS meetings from 6:30PM to 7:00PM.

  • Electing a senator not holding an e-board post

We will ask another student to be a senator and attend the regular GSO meetings in addition to our GSO-CS and GSO-CS e-board meetings to provide better representation of the CS grad students to the entire graduate student body. This election will take place in the near future.

  • Budget Proposal

The suggested budget Budget has only been slightly modified. The explicit semester budget for charity has been combined with the event budget. At the end of the semester, remaining money from the event budget will then be donated to charity.

The GSO-CS budget is tied into a number of different aspects of the group which have yet to be completely decided. The type and frequency of events will have some impact on how to allocate the budgeted event funds. How to make use of the purchases budget is also not completely defined. One suggestion about how to use the purchases budget is to create a purchase request form page on the website where a representative of a group of students can request something (i.e. lab refrigerator, food money for a study group). The exact rules of the requests would need to be finalized as to the maximum money per request, the maximum number of requests per group per semester, how many students make up a group, etc.

This semesters finalized budget will presumably change slightly over the semester due to a lack of prior history, but overall is in working order now.

Spending suggestions: Coffee machine, community refrigerator, and community microwave have all been voted down since the department will (eventually) provide them. A graduate-student project has also been voted down as enough faculty members have them and rooms with built-in equipment can be reserved. Other spending ideas are still under consideration but we would like to locate a supplier that can furnish all necessary items for ease of payment.

  • Event Planning

There is a trade-off involved in event planning for this group. Due to transportation concerns if we organize one large trip to a distant location we would have little event budget left to do anything else for the semester. Alternatively, there could be many opportunities for smaller or local events in the current event budget, but it seems infeasible to do both. Since the e-board cannot predict what the entire group would rather have in terms of the size of an event we will bring this up in the next meeting of the GSO-CS.

To better understand our transportation options, Michael and Anil will meet on Wednesday to discuss with a campus representative what is available to student groups. This information will be integral in planning trips for the GSO-CS.

All future events will be clearly designated with the number of students who can participate and students will sign up based on a first-come first-served basis. This is a necessity for any trip when transportation needs to be planned. The website will be used as the only official means for signing up for any trip.

Every event will be announced at least one week before the event is scheduled to take place. Announcements will be made via the GSO listserv.

We should also try to coordinate some events with the GSO subcommittees of other Watson groups (ME and EE at this time). This is helpful in terms of getting more interaction between the different graduate communities as well as to stretch our budget to encompass more events.

Some suggested events include hiking, bowling, skating, cricket, and soccer, including matches against the other departments.

  • The Six Flags Trip

The decision on this trip will need to be made after information is gathered about transportation and the overall feeling of the students. The e-board will reach a conclusion on this trip on Thursday, 16th of October.

  • Outstanding Issues
  1. Visiting IBM. The mainframe course is planning a visit to IBM facilities and other CS grad students outside of the course may also want to attend. Need to contact the instructor Merwyn Jones to see if the GSO-CS can coordinate with the class to include other interested students.
  2. Find out if visiting local companies such as BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin will be possible due because of security restrictions.
  3. Obtain a list of current research groups and their faculty advisors in the CS Department for use with the Purchase Request Website.
  4. Find out if local food establishments have promotion/donations that our meetings or other groups can take advantage of.
  5. How will students be able to access things like the coffee machine that are going to be placed within the G-area?
  6. How much wall space is available for posters? What kinds of posters are allowable? What can be acceptably used to hang them?
  7. Where can the couch go?
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