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Minutes from 11/17/08 - GSOCS

Minutes from 11/17/08

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Minutes from 11/17/08

How members feel about the various GSO related business:

  • Tuition increase by $300 a semester

The tuition increase cannot be avoided, but with some more pressure on state legislators we can keep more than 10% of that amount within the Binghamton University. The opinion is the GSOCS can draft a letter to post on the website suggested by Lois DeFleur: [1]. The letter will be sent around for comments during the week and will be posted by week's end, unless serious changes are needed.

  • Suggested OCCT graduate student fee increase

During the latest GSO meeting, the representative from the GSO to the OCCT board suggested that we increase our fee from $8 - $28 per student per year for better OCCT funding. This will bring the graduate student contribution to the blue buses into proportion with what the undergraduates pay. After taking a vote, the majority of our body found this to be a "fair" fare increase and we should support it when it comes to vote in the GSO Senate.

  • The International Student Festival

Students are in favor of another festival taking place, but would like to learn more about possible format changes as the event focuses less on the multicultural sub-organizations and more on departmental sub-organizations.

  • The Graduate Student Research Day

Not in favor of the current format of the GSRD. Not in favor of a Watson School Research Day. Suggestions centered around creating a Computer Science Department Research Day that would be in an open house format. The main attraction would be to let new students find out what other students do for their Master's projects and theses, and also attract more interest in the PhD student's research.

GSOCS Specific Business

  • G-lab access

For now, it will remain limited to the current students. We need some further discussions with the department to find out how purchases that are for the entire CS grad student body would be accessed.

  • Purchase placement rules

Coffee Supplies: Milk and sugar are our responsibility, please contact us for any specific requests. We will try to furnish a good mix of supplies to meet everyone's needs.

Posters: Posters must be approved by the department (specifically Kanad). They must be framed to be hung on walls, and you must contact the Watson School Technical Staff to have them mount the framed poster for you. Victor Fiori is the lead tech staff contact: vfiori@binghamton.edu . Remember that decorating is low on the list of priorities right now, so don't be surprised if the process takes a while.

Garbage Pails: If you would like another garbage pail you can have one. Keep them in the labs, not in the hallways, and you must let Ellen Tilden know so that she can notify Physical Facilities to empty the new pail.

Floor Mats: Small floor mats are find (usual welcome mat sizes). They must be inside labs and cannot pose a tripping hazard, so them must be low to the ground and out of the way in general. Again, if you have any questions about what might be acceptable, please contact Ellen or Kanad to get an official decision.

If something you want is not covered here, please bring it to our attention and we'll find out the relevant installation information.

  • Next Event

The vote is in and Board Game Night is the winner! The event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 29th and we will send out an official announcement after the preparations are made. If you have any requests for games, please post on the Games page and we'll try to pick them up soon.

  • Event vote results:
  1. Game nights (bowling/pool)
  2. Kopernik
  3. Matinee (vestal)
  4. Movie Night (in-house)
  5. Ice-skating
  6. Sporting Event
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