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Minutes from 12/01/08 - GSOCS

Minutes from 12/01/08

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Minutes from 12/01/08


We have been asked by the department to provide feedback for four professors who are up for tenure this year. Surveys were given during the meeting and an online version will appear on this website shortly.

The GSEU is looking for a representative from the computer science department. Contact Steve for more details if you are interested.


We are planning on having a combination end of semester party and game night this Saturday, December 6th. An announcement is forthcoming. We need to come up with catering plans BEFORE the weekend.

No other events are planned for the duration of the semester.


We have purchased a cabinet for GSOCS use and it is now in the G-area kitchen. It will house supplies and other materials that are used for administering the GSOCS. We will be purchasing coffee supplies etc. as well in the near future.

Students are encouraged to make purchase requests for items they would like to have in the labs or for their study groups.

Group t-shirts were suggested by Michael Head. There is some interest, but we need to come up with a solid design and then get a cost estimate before moving forward with the idea.

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