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Ski-Trip details
  1. Greek Peak (http://www.greekpeak.net). Distance: 37 miles
  2. Price: $20/person. It includes ski equipment rental, ski lessons and chair lift. It does not include transportation fees, which will be separate.
  3. Trip-date: December 20, 2008. Departure hour: 7:45 AM. Return: 6:30 PM.
  4. Transportation:
    1. A bus has been reserved to take us to Greek Peak. It leaves the campus, from Engineering building, at 7:45 AM. It will pick the group up at 6:30 PM in Greek Peak.
    2. The total transportation fee is $650.
    3. For this trip, GSO will provide $350 (this is the total amount left in the Events' Budget).
    4. The rest of the sum for transportation will be covered by ourselves. An extra $10/person will cover the rest.
  5. Logistics:
    1. The bus will be leave the campus at 7:45 AM. It does not wait for anyone. Please be on campus around 7:15 AM in Watson Commons, or if the building is closed, in front of the building.
    2. Payments will be made will be made directly to Mihai G. Puscasu. Cash, check or paypal (mgpuscasu[at]yahoo.com) will suffice.
    3. Payments can be made in Mihai G. Puscasu's folder at the 3rd floor in the Engineering Building. Please place money or checks in a sealed envelope.
    4. Payments can be collected in the morning prior to departure. If you have not paid, you're not coming.
    5. Please bring ID forms with you. They might be required at the resort for rentals.
    6. The total price per person is: $30(learn-to-ski lesson and transportation). Mihai will collect the money and will be the main contact person for this trip.
  6. What to bring with you on the trip:
    1. Water - since this is a sport, you will probably get dehydrated. Personally I recommend Gatorade or any other drink that contains electrolytes.
    2. A change of clothes. Snow can get you very wet. Ideally this is done with special clothes, but it can be done also in water proof sport clothes. The resort will provide the skiing equipment( poles, skis, boots), but not the clothes. A change of clothes you'll help you'll not freeze in the bus on the way back to campus.
    3. Food - feel free to bring your own food. At the resort there is a food court, in case you don't bring your food with you.
  7. Questions: in case you have question feel free to send Mihai an email. Or you can even call him.
  8. So far the following Grad students have signed up:
    1. Mihai G. Puscasu: A=mpuscas1 B=binghamton.edu Email A[at]B
    2. Pratik B. Tanna: A=ptanna1 B=binghamton.edu Email A[at]B
    3. Saurabh S. Bidkar: A=sbidkar1 B=binghamton.edu Email A[at]B
    4. Michael R. Hines: A=mhines B=cs.binghamton.edu
    5. Yogesh Upadhyay: A=upadhyay.yogesh B=gmail.com
    6. Ankit Kalla: A=akalla1 B=binghamton.edu
    7. Gourav Agarwal A=gourav.proxy B=gmail.com
    8. Suhasini Ravi A=suhasiniravi B=gmail.com
    9. Rishab Chaturvedi A=rchatur1 B=binghamton.edu
    10. Jigar Babaria A=jbabari1 B=binghamton.edu
    11. Sammit Potade A=spotade1 B=binghamton.edu
    12. Saurabh Shah A=sshah6 B=binghamton.edu
    13. Gaurav Mehta A=gmehta1 B=binghamton.edu
    14. Hrishikesh Kulkarni A=hkulkar1 B=binghamton.edu
    15. Aabha Piplapure A=apiplap1 B=binghamton.edu
    16. Chen,Ge A=gchen2 B=binghamton.edu
    17. Nikhil Mehta, A=nmehta1, B=binghamton.edu
    18. Nitish Tyagi
    19. Abhijit Dikshit
    20. Kunal Thorat
    21. Rahul Agarawal
    22. Sneha Thomas
    23. Payal Khatwani
    24. Megha Pabby
    25. Narsimhamurti Gujar A=murti.gujar, B=gmail.com
    26. Swapnil Patil A=spatil2 B=binghamton.edu
    27. Chirag Runwal A=crunwal1 B=binghamton.edu
    28. Vishal Belawade A=vbelawa1 B=binghamton.edu
    29. Abha Sharma A=asharma4 B=binghamton.edu
    30. Anant Garje A=agarje1 B=binghamton.edu
    31. Vivek Singh A=vsingh2 B=binghamton.edu
    32. Gopal Biyani A=gbiyani1 B=binghamton.edu
    33. Mayank Gupta A=mgupta3 B=binghamton.edu
    34. Rachna
    35. Abhinav Anand
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