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Group-wide GSOCS voting on all matters is held here.


Current Voting

Currently the GSOCS E-board is up for election for the 2010-2011 Academic Year.


President Vote

  1. Shane Case

Vice President Vote

  1. Jason Loew

Treasurer Vote

  1. Jason Gallia

Secretary Vote

  1. Meltem Ozsoy

Inactive Voting Sessions

  1. In-use Voting Session 1
  2. In-use Voting Session 2
  3. In-use Voting Session 3
  4. In-use Voting Session 4
  5. Unused Voting Session 5

User Voting Instructions

  1. The username of your vote will be logged but all votes are anonymously gpg-encrypted to the filesystem.
  2. Please rank the options according to your preferences by filling in a number beside the box (1 = first choice, 2 = second choice, ...). You may give the same preference to more than one option as well as keep options unranked.
  3. It is presumed that you prefer all ranked options to all not ranked options and that you are indifferent between all not ranked options.
  4. The winner of the vote will be calculated using the Schulze method

Officer Vote Management

Officers: When you login to the Computer Science "gsoweb" account on the department server, you'll see a folder called "voting". Simple, right? When you go into the folder you'll see a few scripts that are already ready for you.

Running a voting system is easy:

  1. You can run up to 5 individual voting sessions at once.
  2. To start a new vote, first edit: voting_config.php (This defines the categories of the vote).
  3. Then call script ./reinitialize_voting.sh (This activates all 5 voting sessions, regardless whether or not all 5 are actually used).
  4. Then announce the vote on the mailing list and wait for the results on the GSOCS wiki pages.
  5. At any point during voting, you may see the results by running the script ./interpret_results.sh
  6. Be sure that once the voting is over that you put the results into the wiki's "past votes" section and clear out the results.

Past Voting Results

Spring 2009 Votes

  1. On April 15th, 2009, the GSOCS voted to donate a partial amount of $200 to the TRIP GSO for their Translation Study Conference.
  2. On March 26th, 2009, we completed the first online 2009 GSOCS Election.
  3. On February 8th, 2009, the GSOCS voted to donate a full requested amount of $200 to the CSSA Spring Festival event.

Fall 2008 Votes

  1. In the November, 2008, the GSOCS voted to donate a partial amount of $150 to the Suny Social Justice Conference. More information about their event can be found on their website @ http://sunysocialjustice.org/

Unofficial Polls

Tech Fee Poll

Do you think the should increase the tech fee? (42 votes)
4 votes 10%
38 votes 90%
Message (ENTER to confirm)

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