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The GSOCS holds regular outings of various kinds:


2011/2012 Events

  1. Meeting & game night: 11/11/11 in the Engineering Building Watson Commons. There was a good turn out and fun was had by all.
  2. Halloween Party: 10/27/11 Held in conjunction with the math department. It was pretty fun!
  3. Game Night: Some time in early October - a lot of people turned out to play some games with the math department and eat some delicious Italian food.


  1. Our bi-weekly meetings are on hiatus for now in favor of a weekly colloquium series. Check them out!

Rules for GSOCS-sponsored Events

If any department would like help funding a joint-event, please contact the officers.


If you are planning to organize an event and/or planning to attend an event sponsored by the GSOCS, you must follow these rules. If you have any questions about GSOCS event rules, please email the entire e-board by sending an email to: gsocs-eboard [*at**] cs.binghamton.edu If you would like to change a rule or you do not agree with a rule, then we will hold a department-wide vote to approve that through the GSOCS website.

  1. Event spending must be approved first.
    Explanation: Money for an event must go into the budget (online) *before* an event is held. If the e-board does not know about the event, then we cannot properly budget for it. Do not spend money without approval first.
  2. Events must be open and available to all CS grad students.
    Explanation: The GSOCS will not approve an event if it does not provide an opportunity for ALL students to sign up for it.
  3. Events must be advertised on the mailing list.
    Explanation: Same as #2
  4. Events must be first-come-first serve:
    Explanation: Same as #2
  5. Events must use the website to allow students to signup.
    Explanation: We will not approve events that the department does not know about. This also relates to #2. To signup, login with your PODS *or* Computer Science account. Either one will work.
  6. Online-signup for an event only begins *24 hours* after the email is sent to the mailing list.
    Explanation: That means that after an event organizer is ready for people to signup, nobody can signup online until 24 hours have passed. The e-board will assist in protecting the wiki page when the organizer is ready to do this. The GSOCS will not approve events that are not available to all students. By requiring a 24-hour window, we ensure that every graduate student in the CS department has a chance to signup to your event.
  7. Students are limited to 3 (three) first-come-first-serve events when an event is full.
    Explanation: If an event is full and student has signed up to 3 events in the past, then priority will be given to the other students on the list. Initially we will enforce this using the honor system. If a complaint is made, the e-board will verify if a student is signed-up too much and remove that person from the signup list.
  8. You may not signup your friends. You may only signup yourself.
    Explanation: This also relates to #7 and #2. Do not signup your friends. Yes, we can tell. The wiki has a history option and a diff-history. If you signup a friend, the e-board will remove your friend from the signup list.
  9. The default amount of money for an event is $300 dollars.
    Explanation: Events can last all year long, so there must be a default price. If you are organizing an event you must do your best to meet that default price so that money can last all year long. If you cannot meet that default price, then you can request the e-board for an increase. If we do not approve the increase, then you should consider charging a fee to the students to help pay for the event. Not every event can be free. If your event is extremely expensive then you should consider contacting the parent GSO for more money or fund-raising by going to other departments.
  10. Rental vans and cars are not allowed for traveling events funded by the GSOCS. GSOCS events must use professional drivers / professional transportation.
    A. Liability and Safety: The e-board believes neither that students nor the e-board should be held responsible for emergencies while driving. This is an e-board rule, not a general rule.
    B. Reliability and Availability: The GSOCS will not fund events that depend on renting cars/vans with student drivers. Students can get sick or cancel at any time. This would not be fair to the other students in the department that signed up for an official event if a student cancels driving. Also: if professional drivers are hired, students from the whole department are more likely to signup to your event if they know they can depend on professional transportation. The GSOCS will not fund an event that does not appear reliable and available.

Professional Transportation for Travelling Events

The GSOCS has already found several choices for hiring professional transportation for travelling events. There are 4 (four) ways to find professional transportation for a long-distance event:

  1. Cisco Transportation: 607-772-2442
    These guys are based in Binghamton. They are slightly more expensive, but they allow you to book as soon as a week before the trip - they usually have good availability. They offer 22-person and 36-person buses. They do not have daily rates, but instead charge by the hour @ $85/hour. (So, for example, the same 12-hour day trip would cost about $1000 dollars).
  2. Coach Master Limo: 607-748-2322
    These guys are based in Endicott. They have less availability (need to reserve a month in advance). They offer 20-person and 30-person buses. Their daily rate is $780 for 12 hours and $70 per hour overtime. (For the 30-person bus, the rate goes to $900 for 12 hours at $80 per hour overtime). They also charge a "tip" of 15%. The final cost for a 12-hour trip is usually exactly the same ($1000). This company has more fancy buses. The advantage of company #1 is that they are easier to make a reservation during short notices.
  3. Uptown Limo: http://www.uptownlimo.com/ (1-866-365-2008)
    These guys are less expensive. They are based in Vestal. They have drivers for 10-passenger vans. Their price is $60/hour plus a 15% tip. So, a 12-hour day trip for 10 people would cost about $800 dollars.
  4. OCCT Transportation: http://www.occtransport.com
    This costs $50 an hour, but they will not travel beyond 100 miles from campus.

Participant Signup Rules

  1. Do not signup other people. If you have a problem logging into the website, then contact the e-board and we will assist you.
  2. Out-of-order signups will NOT be tolerated. Yes, we can tell. The wiki has a "history" option. If you signup out of order in front of another student, your name will be deleted.
  3. First, sign in with your PODS *or* CS account
  4. Go to the sign-up page above
  5. And add your name on the list by using "edit". Note: if you signup then you must guarantee that you are going to attend. Lack of attendance will give priority to other students during future events.
  6. You are limited to 3 signups per year. After 3, you must allow priority to other students. If there are complaints about abusing this honor system, the e-board will remove the student from the signup list.

Event Ideas

Local Events

  • Movie Theater Matinee (vestal)
    • Could rent out a screen room at the endicott value theater, too
  • Bowling or Pool Night
  • Sporting Event (basketball)
  • Movie Night (an in-house movie)
  • Kopernik Observatory (www.kopernik.org)
  • Game nights such as bowling, pool
  • Ice-skating (locally)
  • Re-start seminar series
  • End-semester party?
  • LAN party? (Wii/Xbox/PS3 Rock Band/Guitar Hero party?)
  • Group brunch/lunch/dinner (maybe rent an event hall and caterer)? (for example, Grande's in the South Side has reasonable catering/rental prices).
    • Could hook up a projector and play a movie or something.
      • perhaps an end of year thing with a slideshow of pictures from past year's GSOCS events?

Travelling Events

  1. Company trips to nearby laboratories:
    1. Visiting IBM. The mainframe course is planning a visit to IBM facilities and other CS grad students outside of the course may also want to attend. Need to contact the instructor Merwyn Jones to see if the GSOCS can coordinate with the class to include other interested students.
    2. BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin
  2. Theme-park / godarienlake.com
  3. Wine-tasting
  4. Adirondacks
  5. Recommend to parent GSO to sponsor getaway trips

Old Events

We didn't do a great job keeping this site updated with the latest info, so if anyone has more accurate records regarding the goings-on over the past two years, please feel free to correct this!

2010/2011 Events

  • There were a bunch of regular meetings, we went bowling, did a paintball trip, and more!

2009/2010 Events

  • August 28th: Welcome back party! We served food from Moghul and played board games and Wii!
  • We did a lot more things, but didn't really keep the website updated! Sorry!

2008/2009 Events

  1. March 25: Ballet Show by Russian National Ballet Theatre at the Anderson Center. Please sign up for the first 14 free tickets. Deadline for sign up: 5 pm, 11th Mar 2009, Wednesday.
  2. March 14 2009: BU Men's Basketball AE Championship Game. Please sign up for the first 12 free tickets. Deadline for sign up: Noon, 12th Mar 2009, Thursday.
  3. February '09: We also went to see the Harlem Globe Trotters ! at the VA Arena in Binghamton. It was hilarious and a lot of fun.
  4. February '09: We attended a Concert at the Anderson Center on valentine's day, where the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra came and played a variet of music.
  5. Winter Break '08: We went Skiing! @ greek peak More details on December 20th, 2008 and we had a blast. We took 30 computer science students in a bus for a full-day.
  6. December '08: Our End-semester party was great. Thanks to everyone who attended. We had catered Indian food, played a lot of Games, and just generally had a good time.
  7. November '08: We went to the opera! 13 students all went down to Tri-Cities opera to see "Rigolleto"
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