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GSOCS: Computer Science Graduate Student Organization


  1. Welcome back for the Spring 2012 semester!
  2. There is an exciting new colloquium series happening weekly! Sign up and let us know what you're working on!
    • Up next: Mikhail Gofman will be presenting on March 1st at noon in the Watson Commons
  3. Check out the GSOCS 2011 CS promotion survey results!
Wiiing in the conference room!
Wiiing in the conference room!

The GSOCS is a sub-organization of the GSO (the graduate student organization).
Our mission is to support and represent all graduate students within the CS department under the banner of the university-wide GSO.

The function of the GSOCS is three fold:

  1. To use allotted funds (currently $5K / year) on the CS grad student body.
  2. To distribute and collect opinions on university-wide actions that concern CS grad students and relay that information back to the parent GSO.
  3. And finally, to eventually encourage better community and communication among the CS grad student body.

ALL graduate CS students are encouraged to:

  1. Subscribe to the mailing list for the GSOCS. This is our primary form of communications and is the best way to participate.
  2. Feel free to login to this website and make edits with your CS or PODS username.
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